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DamselFly on Flower

DamselFly on Flower
Copyright ©2005, Fonzy -
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Second shot with E-300 and ZD 50 mm/2.0 macro lens.

Thanks to Phil I have to right name now...

Photographer: Fonzy -
Folder: My-Damsel and DragonFly 2005
Uploaded: 27-Jun-2005 21:48 CEST
Current Rating: 9.43/7
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E300
Exposure time: 1/250
Aperture: 8.0
Focal length: 50mm
Lens: ZD 50 mm /2.0 macro
Focusing method: iESP P-AF
ISO: 100
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format:
Processing applied: Cropped - little USM
Image resized to: 691x900

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Another "1A" shot. The entire inset is perfectly in focus, everything else is blurred. The only way to improve even further the shot would have consisted in taking a frontal shot of the dragonfly, but then there would have been depth of field issues.

Admin MyOlympus at 22:04 CEST on 27-Jun-2005 [Reply]


Thanks for the comment and advice. I have made a few frontal shots but non off them where good an off for uploading. DOF was very difficult to get so I have to experiment with the settings....;-)

Fonzy - at 22:27 CEST on 27-Jun-2005 [Reply]


I'll give it 10 Fons - magnificent!!

Bevellee Bryceson at 04:40 CEST on 28-Jun-2005 [Reply]


Thank you very much Bevellee, I think also the pictures taken with the E-300 and 50mm/macro are very impressif.

Fonzy - at 06:26 CEST on 28-Jun-2005 [Reply]

Dragon Fly

Fons, I can see you're on a roll now with your new E300 and those macro shot's, well done buddy, everything is sharp and detailed especially in the wing's and the color's on the body of the dragon fly. Happy shooting..........BTW what do think of the E300 ? I wanna know.

Kerland Elder at 06:33 CEST on 28-Jun-2005 [Reply]


Thanks Kerland, yes I am on the roll now with my new E-300, I bought it for my wife but I am so amazed what this camera can do that I took at for a real test drive.I am very impressed, special the combination E-300 and 50mm/macro. Will send you a mail end off this week and let you know my opinium after testing it a bid more.

Fonzy - at 06:50 CEST on 28-Jun-2005 [Reply]


Very interesting shot, Fons. The E-300 is demonstrating good qualities. I'm interested in your opinion comparing the E-1 and the E-300.

Leen Terreehorst at 08:43 CEST on 28-Jun-2005 [Reply]


Nice close up Fons, the colour of these can be amazing. I think it is a damselfly though not a dragonfly. The difference is the dragonfly sits with the wings outstretched and is generally larger.

Phil Battersby at 12:18 CEST on 28-Jun-2005 [Reply]


Thanks very much Phil, you are abselutely right it is a Damselfly.

Fonzy - at 20:56 CEST on 29-Jun-2005 [Reply]

Comparing E-1 / E-300

Thanks Leen, I will bring you up to date very soon on this subject.

Fonzy - at 21:03 CEST on 29-Jun-2005 [Reply]


Thanks very much Shelly for the comment. I have this E-300 for a few days now, I will test it a bit longer and will let you know my impression of it.

Fonzy - at 21:07 CEST on 29-Jun-2005 [Reply]

DragonFly on Flower

Great picture. I think that the comparison between the two cameras is of general interest. I'm a newcomer and don't know the uses of community, but is it not the case to post a text document about?

Piero Magnani at 21:39 CEST on 29-Jun-2005 [Reply]


Thanks Pierro,

As you allready said , the comparing those two camera's is interesting. There are many test and comparing documents on the internet, written much better than I ever could.I only can give you my impression if you like .I will send you an email end of this week with the details I noticed.

Fonzy - at 08:55 CEST on 30-Jun-2005 [Reply]