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Terms of service

by Admin MyOlympus is an on-line community of users of Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras, E-Series DSLRs, and C-4000 to C-8080 digital cameras. Our goal is to share photos taken with these cameras, as well as resources and documents relating to them.
Anybody can view the contents of this site, but only registered users can upload photos and documents to it. All users are strongly encouraged to share the exif data about the images they upload, as well as comments and/or other technical data about them.
Note: Only images taken with the above mentioned cameras are allowed at reserves the right to remove any image, comment, or document from the site if it decides to do so, for any reason. If a user uploads something of questionable legality or taste, it may be removed without notice. Users agree to accept all liability for the legality of content they submit and will not hold responsible for any damages that may result.
Please do not upload documents advertising commercial services or products of any kind. Do not upload spam. Do not upload pornography. Any uploads of these kinds will be deleted without notice.
Although critiques of an image can be helpful to the photographer, abusive or derogatory comments are not allowed.
Only your own work may be uploaded. Do not upload images taken from other web sites, or images scanned or photographed from other sources (books, other reproductions, or originals), all of which are copyrighted.
Any files uploaded by a user remain the property of that user or whatever party holds the copyright. By uploading images and documents, a user does not surrender his/her copyright or ownership of the images or documents. You may not copy or use the files available on this site without the explicit consent of its copyright owner.
There is no guarantee of privacy. If it is important that an image, comment, or document not be seen by the public, it should not be put on
There is no guarantee of permanence, but every effort will be made to provide a stable and permanent site. IMPORTANT: does not offer failure resistant storage and / or regular backups of site contents, so use this site only for sharing images and documents, not for archiving them!
Currently there are no usage limits, although they may have to be introduced at a later stage if storage space or bandwidth consumption exceeds the limits set by the package provided by the hosting company.
Donations for keeping this site running are welcome and appreciated!
This is a private website; it is not supported or endorsed by Olympus Corporation.
If you would like further information about these terms of service, please contact

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