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Fly close up

Fly close up
Copyright ©2005, Fonzy -
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First attemp: A close-up from a Fly taken with E-300/50mm macro plus a 50mm reversed lens.

Photographer: Fonzy -
Folder: My Macro 2006
Uploaded: 15-Jul-2005 15:49 CEST
Current Rating: 9.00/4
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E1
Exposure time: 1/30
Aperture: 12
Focal length: 50mm
Lens: ZD50mm/macro+50mm reversed
Focusing method: Manual
ISO: 400
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: Cropped -USM
Various: This is my first attemp to make a close/macro picture from a HovverFly.
Image resized to: 844x900

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Fly or bee ?

Nice shot Fons ! Are you shure it is a fly ?

Dirk Guttmann at 19:35 CEST on 15-Jul-2005 [Reply]


Thanks Dirk,

I think it is a fly, reason to think so is that the Bee remarks ( yellow/black stripes) did not show up on this one. Conclusion a Fly........;-)

Fonzy - at 21:25 CEST on 15-Jul-2005 [Reply]


Fons, you did a remarkable job on your first reverse lens close up shot, like the results very much. Nice.

Kerland Elder at 17:33 CEST on 16-Jul-2005 [Reply]

Reversed lens macro

Thanks Kerland, For one week I was trying holding a lens for the camera no results . After I had that adapterring to connect those two lenses together it was working better right away. Still I had to make a few shots before this one came out. There is not much room to play around with, you have to be patience and realy focussing on the subject. It's a nice way to explore......Best regards and Thanks

Fonzy - at 18:11 CEST on 16-Jul-2005 [Reply]


Excellent close up Fons, you are right this is a fly not a bee. The sure way to tell is the eyes, a fly has more rounded eyes a bee has longer thinner eyes. The problem getting really close is the lens blocks the light from the subject hence why I use the slave flashguns.

Phil Battersby at 07:31 CEST on 18-Jul-2005 [Reply]


Thanks Phil, you right , for this kind off phograph you need a fash slavegun, I wonder iff anybody has an idea to stay away from the subject a little further and still have this kind of magnification.

Fonzy - at 09:32 CEST on 18-Jul-2005 [Reply]


Excellent macro shot Fons (as usual) :D.

Seems like everybody (including me) is into shots of insects (i.e. macro) nowadays. I think it all started with your dragonflies and damselflies Fons. :)


Allan Barredo at 02:48 CEST on 20-Jul-2005 [Reply]


Thanks Allan for viewing and comment on this macro, as you say a lot off people are making macro's. I am one off them who is adicted to it, special reason is to examen those little creators and see what human eye can't. Best regards and happy (macro) shooting.

Fonzy - at 07:46 CEST on 20-Jul-2005 [Reply]

Fly close up


I was just looking at some of your images; is ZD50 referred to as macro lens? And also, can you reverse it on the same thread (since you used reversed on this image)?

I also noticed you use 1.4x converter with 50mm lens - is that used for magnification only? I take it it does not effect the distance to the subject in any way?

On some of your images you also use OM lens - could you comment on those? I like big aperture (would be ideal for portraits), but then is it worth to be limited by manual focus only? Is the viewfinder bright enough for OM lenses?

When you have time, please reply to

Thanks Fons,


Sergey Green at 11:01 CET on 12-Dec-2005 [Reply]