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Instructions and help

by Admin MyOlympus is a photo sharing site where people can upload images and give feedback to other users about their images (feedback means giving a rating and/or leaving a comment).

To use the site and upload images do the following:

  1. Create your own folder (into a Private Folder or into a Public Folder)
  2. Upload images into your folder
  3. Maximum image size is 500KB and width is 1600 pixels. However, please note that most members have too small screens to view such large images. A 800-1000 pixels width is usually ideal for most displays.

The Siteframe software also allows you to create documents, polls, and competitions, although for the Yahoo Olympus 405080 Group's monthly competitions we are using the previous software (the entry page is at

If you would like to get feedback and are wondering why nobody is writing comments about your photos, see if you have checked the "Allow comments" box at the bottom of the Add/Edit folder window (to get there open your folder and click on Edit at the bottom of the page). If it is unchecked, nobody can leave comments. The same holds for the "Allow rating" box. To be chosen as the Top Image you need at least three ratings.

At you can also create and upload documents and start a poll. To start a poll, click on the Polls box on the left side of the page, then on "New Poll." Choose your topic, your questions, and choice of responses, and click on "Submit."

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