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Dylan Jicha WTC Cross New York (Dylan Jicha) 22-Feb-2006
Neal Friedenthal WWI US Battle rifles

1903 springfield, 1917 US Enfield

Olympus "e" images 17-Aug-2013
Kiffin Miller Wynose Pass

Wynose Pass on the way to the Hardknott Roman fort Cumbria

Kiffin Miller 20-Jan-2009
fri go749 X-Changer Documents 05-Jul-2005
huang zhong xiangshan - wall

xiangshan beijing China

coolgg's images c5050z 18-Jul-2005
Neal Friedenthal XK-140 #1

Detail of Jaguar XK-140 taken with e-p2 w. 17mm f2.8

Olympus "e" images 24-Apr-2010
X Z XMAS 05 xPhotography 14-Nov-2005
Ian Reed Xscape Indoor Ski Slope

This is the Xscape indoor ski centre which is in Castleford, Yorkshire. I spotted all the coloured flashing lights from the motorway, and decided to check the place out, you can see a funfair ride to the left of the entrance in mid spin.

Night Shots 24-Feb-2006
Pekka Nihtinen Yacht

Some Canadian billionaire visited Helsinki a couple of weeks ago on his yacht. Forgot the name of both but here´s a detail of the boat.

Common area 26-Aug-2009
Pekka Nihtinen Yacht & Seagull

A seagull catch in flight against a luxury yacht. Yach in photo is in fact "Pelarus" that belongs to certain Mr. Roman Abramovich.

Common area 24-Aug-2009