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John Hafenecker Yarn mask

Knitted mask by the Wednesday spinners at Common Ground Fair September 2004

Common area 27-Feb-2005
Arthur Wright Yarra River at Night

Yarra River Melbourne

Arthur Wright 17-Sep-2008
Jens Birch Yawn - time for breakfast! A Puffin (Fratercula arctica) that just came out from its nest hole after a day's sleep. The parents take turns to brood the eggs and care for the small while the other half is fishing out at sea. Here its mate has just come home and it is preparing to leave within a minute.

You can see the small hooks along the beak that prevents just caught fish from escaping. Also the toungue has a similar construction which allows the bird to catch more fish while keeping the catch of several fishes in the beak.

I took this picture at Latrabjarg in Iceland which is the largest bird cliff in the North Atlantic. More than one million birds breed along its 14 km stretch. With an average height of 75 m it means about 1 m? per bird!

Latrabjarg is one of my most incredible birding experiences! It was overwhelming! Hardly maneagable to capture the masses of birds on photograps. Even more impossible to present it in 900x 675 pixels.

For now: Enjoy this single bird while I figure out how to display the rest!


Jens' Wildlife 13-Sep-2005
H T yawning Images 15-Jan-2005
Chris Esser Yayyy it's snowing! 2004-C8080 03-Jan-2005
Dave Hall Yealm Estuary 1

An HDR photo using Photomatix.

David's landscapes. 13-Feb-2008
Dave Hall Yealm Estuary 2

An HDR image using Photomatix

David's landscapes. 13-Feb-2008
Dave Hall Yealm estuary 3

An HDR image using Photomatix

David's landscapes. 13-Feb-2008
dee vee Year of the Horse

Happy New Year

Creatures like you and I 01-Feb-2014
Geoff Yale Yellow Common area 31-May-2005