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Detail H.M.S. Pinafore (Noise Removed)

Detail H.M.S. Pinafore (Noise Removed)
Copyright ©2008, Johannes Horn
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Operatic Bliss

Photographer: Johannes Horn
Folder: Johannes Horn's photos
Uploaded: 10-Jan-2008 09:04 CET
Current Rating: 8.00/3
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E3
Exposure time: 1/50
Aperture: F 3.3
Focal length: 338 mm
Lens: Zuiko 50-200mm
Focusing method: Spot
ISO: 3200
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: Adjustments and cropping in Adobe Lightroom, noise reduction with Noise Ninja.
Various: I was surprised how well the noise removal worked with this image. With previous cameras, I disliked the results as far too "ironed". I will now use this software again. Thanks for your suggestion Chris.
Image resized to: 800x600

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Good one on ya mate!

Now I have got to say that the Olympus system is a force to be reckoned with 3200 ISO, WOW!
If you let Noise Ninja read the the EXIF data of your E-3 files to auto profile. You will find it can go a lot farther... I believe that with a firmware update that it can go to ISO 12800!!! Even if it's quite noisy at that level the noise that the E-3 produces is film grade quality.
Sometimes you want grungy shot full of noise.

Again just to get things straight:
D3=(Splotchy) Color Noise
E3= Luminance Noise (Pleasing to the Eye)
So for those who want to spend $5000+ for a D3 go ahead, I though want big Zuiko glass.

Christopher Ashworth at 02:47 CET on 11-Jan-2008 [Reply]

The performers depicted are:

Jennifer Davison (Josephine)

Simon Witzig (Ralph Rackstraw)

Johannes Horn at 17:28 CET on 11-Jan-2008 [Reply]

Quite clean indeed

Is this a 100% crop? Looks quite clean indeed.

Alfred Molon at 23:32 CET on 11-Jan-2008 [Reply]

crop factor/ focal length

> Is this a 100% crop? Looks quite clean indeed.

it is actually a 50% crop.

Also, I had the focal length wrong, it actually is 338mm (equivalent in 35mm).

While the house photographer was scrambling to take pictures with a huge N or C in the front rows, I comfortably sat in the last row, slightly elevated, shooting hand held shots with the 50-200 and the 14-54. of the 50 or so shots I made, 2 were blurry, the rest nice and sharp.

Johannes Horn at 02:20 CET on 12-Jan-2008 [Reply]


Johannes Horn wrote:
> it is actually a 50% crop.

Could you perhaps post a 100% crop? Just to get an idea of the result you got.

Alfred Molon at 21:43 CET on 12-Jan-2008 [Reply]


Nice one Johannes.

Richard Ociepka at 21:28 CET on 17-Jan-2008 [Reply]