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Wipe Out

Wipe Out
Copyright ©2009, Denny Giacobe
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While at a snowmobile drag race of over 150 entries, I was lucky enough to catch the one and only mishap. Fortunately the drive only wound up with miner injures but his sled had some serious damage, also check out the facial expressions on the people on the ski left in the back ground.

Photographer: Denny Giacobe
Folder: DennyG
Uploaded: 26-Mar-2009 23:49 CET
Current Rating: 7.50/2
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E510
Exposure time: 500
Aperture: 11
Focal length: 600mm
Lens: 70-300mm
Focusing method: iESP P-AF
ISO: 200
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied: none
Image resized to: 480x640

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great one!!

Neil Macleod at 02:57 CET on 28-Mar-2009 [Reply]


Neil thanks !
I appreciate the look and comment. did you rate it?

Denny Giacobe at 03:20 CET on 28-Mar-2009 [Reply]


The timing is great (you pressed the shutter in exactly the right instant), but otherwise the photo is not that impressive. To improve it I would crop around the guy and his sled - this would make the shot much more dramatic.

Alfred Molon at 22:41 CET on 28-Mar-2009 [Reply]


Photojournalism tells a story, here are the fact.
1- driver at 90mph wipes out.
2- driver gets thrown from sled.
3- Sled flips away from driver
4- Snow flies.
5- People in chair lift in back ground have a look ao disbelief, THAT MAKES THE SHOT!!!
If I cropped the shot you lose the best part!
This is not meant to be a pretty picture, this picture tells a story.
Sorry that You are not impressed, but 4 news papers and 5 snowmobile magazines were!!
I don't snap pictures, I make them!

Denny Giacobe at 23:16 CET on 28-Mar-2009 [Reply]

wipe out

I agree, great shot! it's all there, I am new to Photography but I think cropping the image would leave the sled and driver nowhere to go without the picture looking squeezed, if you tried to crop and still wanted to observe the rule of thirds you would need to either lose some of the guys right leg, or leave the onlookers feet dangling top left of shot. maybe someone could crop the image sucessfully? But to me that would be like removing certain chapters from a book.

Phillip Bowen at 19:06 CEST on 08-Apr-2009 [Reply]


Thank you for the comment.

Denny Giacobe at 13:20 CEST on 09-Apr-2009 [Reply]