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Yellow Mountain Revisited 3

Yellow Mountain Revisited 3
Copyright ©2010, Pekka Nihtinen
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A autumn scenery from Mount Huangshan in Anhui.

Photographer: Pekka Nihtinen
Folder: Common area
Uploaded: 25-Nov-2010 19:29 CET
Current Rating: 9.75/4
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E-P2
Exposure time:
Focal length:
Lens: Zuiko 12-60
Focusing method: iESP
ISO: 200
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: RAW
Processing applied:
Image resized to: 700x525

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Best regards,

Fonzy - at 20:02 CET on 25-Nov-2010 [Reply]

Yellow Mountain Revisited 3

Here we go again Pekka. This is one of those WOW shots, great dof, color, and sharpness.
Another great set of captures. Each one shows your skills and the work you must go thru to get these photos. This set does not appear to be a walk in the park. Looks like very rugged terrain. I also notice you are using a new camera I think. Thank you for sharing these great captures. I look for your photos on myolympus every day. I know photos like these are not daily capures.
KEEP THEM COMING and thanks for sharing...Dave

Dave Hamlin at 16:16 CET on 26-Nov-2010 [Reply]


I agree with Dave this set of pictures is great...
Sure, for its visual effect but also for the efforts, physical and others, it required to be done, as one can assume, before its landing on our screens.
Congrats for that.
That said without any flattery.
Nevertheless, I mainly prefer this one to the others: colours, light, sharpness, composition, every thing is well-balanced and at the right place.
And what about this luminous foreground, not distracting at all, playing the role of a curtain half-open on the rocky scene, to increase the dof and the deepness of the gorge? Quite amazing...
One of the best landscape photos I had ever seen.
Bravo Pekka.
Best regards, Victor.

Victor Biefnot at 10:14 CET on 27-Nov-2010 [Reply]


Have to agree with other comments a fabulous shot.

Kiffin Miller at 04:42 CET on 28-Nov-2010 [Reply]

Thank you.

Thank you very much Dave.
Yes - I have indeed been quite inactive and a lazy poster for some months. Concerning my new camera, I bought E-P2 last summer and I have been very happy with it and nowadays I use it along with my E-3 maybe 50/50.

Greetings from snowy Helsinki. Pekka.

Dave Hamlin wrote:
> Here we go again Pekka. This is one of those WOW shots, great dof, color, and sharpness.
> Another great set of captures. Each one shows your skills and the work you must go thru to
> get these photos.....

Pekka Nihtinen at 08:23 CET on 28-Nov-2010 [Reply]

Thank you Victor.

Thank you for your generous comment :)
That Xihai scenic route on Mount Huangshan is about 14km long hiking route and takes some 8-10 hours to complete in a leisurely way. There really are some amazing sceneries there. I have walkes it three times and probably will go once more again next year.
Greetings from sunny and snowy Helsinki.

Pekka Nihtinen at 08:29 CET on 28-Nov-2010 [Reply]

To Kiffin...

Thank you very much Kiffin for your comment.
I was lucky to be in that place just when the sun happened to illuminate those yellow branches and the mountain valley on the background. That Xihai canyon on Yellow mountains is simppy a breathtakingly beutiful place to visit. I have been ther three times and probaly go back next year.
Greetings from snowy Helsinki.

Pekka Nihtinen at 08:32 CET on 28-Nov-2010 [Reply]


Someone once said that architecture was music frozen in space; I think these photographs make music dance in our eyes.

Jim Taylor at 01:02 CET on 23-Jan-2011 [Reply]