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8pm in VIS

8pm in VIS
Copyright ©2005, Dirk Guttmann
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Photographer: Dirk Guttmann
Folder: Architecture dirk
Uploaded: 16-Aug-2005 15:26 CEST
Current Rating: 7.67/3
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Model release available:
Camera: Olympus C8080
Exposure time: 1 sec ?
Aperture: F 6.3
Focal length: 8 mm
Focusing method: iESP
ISO: 50
White balance: Auto
Flash: no
Image format: SHQ
Processing applied: various
Image resized to: 731x1000

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Very nice image , I already noticed the one in B&W or better night shot, dont make them any bigger this one dropped almost from my screen...;-) Seeing al those pictures from VIS I realize I mist something on my trip to Croatie.... Cheers,

Fonzy - at 15:34 CEST on 16-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Mist the rating again , here it is...

Fonzy - at 15:35 CEST on 16-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Beautiful!! Love the color in this one.

Randy Garbez at 15:44 CEST on 16-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Thank you Fons and Randy ! I realy must recommend this island VIS ! It's urban history - which shows up in the wonderfull architecture - is older than 1000 years and has several roots and origins as roman, slavik, t?rkisch, italian ! The water surrounding this rocky island is cristall clear and full of fish - a divers and photographers paradise ! On my 4 hour passage (single) from the "Cornat islands" to VIS I was struggling with 3 meter waves from a nice "Bora" wind (storm) ....

Dirk Guttmann at 16:36 CEST on 16-Aug-2005 [Reply]

8pm in VIS

Interesting composition. I wonder why F/6.3 was chosen for the evening scene. It seems I am getting more detail in around F/3.2 - F/4, and especially in mirky scenes. It is interesting how the wire on the left wall goes from one building to another and not across the street. It is almost as if it was cleaned up. Also, the sky appears to have a bit of unnatural overcast, more like of a lipstick than of an evening sun. Overall the staircase and the rust on the walls appear to be quite natural. As I sit back and look at it again the picture has a certain mood. Thanks for sharing. - Sergey

Sergey Green at 17:33 CEST on 16-Aug-2005 [Reply]


Sergey thank you for your interest in this foto !

Its more ore less a bad habit of mine that I tend to set higher Fstops to "enshure" the DOF I want ! The wire thing is no secret ! - I erased them from the blue sky (cleaning by cloning)! The evening sky on the island of VIS often - to my surprise - showed me a funny lipstick like colour - and I allowed myselve to sturate this phenomena exessively ....

Dirk Guttmann at 18:37 CEST on 16-Aug-2005 [Reply]

8pm in VIS

Well, the light in this scene was probably not ideal, and most people would've just passed by. You did the good work. Thanks for sharing. As for the wire I would've either removed it completely or, better yet, left it as it is. -

Sergey Green at 10:11 CEST on 17-Aug-2005 [Reply]