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Fly By - 3

Fly By - 3
Copyright ©2007, Leon Plympton
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In this series the (40-150mm) lens was stretched to its limit. It was a breezy day with a bright sun, blue skies and just a few small scattered clouds.

The cranes never did get very close, and with the gusty winds it was rather difficult keeping them in the center of the viewfinder; unfortunately, when the birds ended up outside the center of the frame the AF would wander and generally lock up; occasionally, with some finessing of the FBW focusing ring and some luck I was able to get a green light for another instant and another quick shot.

At the end of the day I yearned for a longer lens and a faster, more accurate, focusing system, and now, it seems, Olympus has delivered several new lenses, including the new 50-200mm zoom; that sure would have been nice this past weekend. Oh, and the new 2-power tele-extender; that would have been real nice to have this past weekend; yeah, it would.

Photographer: Leon Plympton
Folder: Common area
Uploaded: 06-Mar-2007 02:38 CET
Model release available:
Camera: Olympus E1
Exposure time:
Focal length:
Focusing method:
White balance:
Flash: no
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Image resized to: 600x800

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