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Copyright ©2005, Herbert Eisengruber
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The big Blizzard hits Nova Scotia. Streetlights give the little town a ghostly appearance.

Photographer: Herbert Eisengruber
Folder: Herbert Eisengruber
Uploaded: 24-Jan-2005 04:35 CET
Current Rating: 7.00/5
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Camera: Olympus C8080
Exposure time:
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White balance:
Flash: no
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Image resized to: 626x800

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Funny light!

I like the contrast between color temperatures from the bulbs outside and from the bulbs of the shop but that's all. I don't like the cables hanging in the middle of the photo, I don't like the excess of light on the right that leads your eyes to there when the object you're trying to focus is on the left.

Cristiano Pereira Alves at 10:13 CET on 24-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Thanks! Now it's up to you...

Thanks again Christiano for your comments. Personally I disagree with your rating of 3 on my photo. But if that's your opinion... Now it's up to you to show us some of your photography. With your extensive knowledge, you should be able to show us outstanding shots we would buy in art galleries.

Herbert Eisengruber at 18:31 CET on 24-Jan-2005 [Reply]

Don't count on it.

Hi Herbert. You don't need to be able to build a car to know which one is best. You don't need to be an excelent painter to be an art critic. Yes I read a lot about photos, yes I've been jury in some contests. But thats all. When I tell someone if she/he would buy that photo on an "art gallery", or on the street, I'm using a method to stablish a minimum of quality people should apply to their photos before putting them on their folders. Every photographer will have good and not so good photos as he evolves in this hobby/art but I think a minimum quality should be there in every photo. Thats why these internet sites are called photo galleries and and not photo albums. About my rate, sorry if I'm beeing too tough but I think you can do much better, If you have the will to be out there with these freezing temperatures, you can spend more time composing the picture. Just try this: crop the picture bringing the top to the cabbles until they disapear, the bottom until the snow just occupies 1/3 of the picture; the right, if you divided the frame in thirds, so that the second third meets the rounded shaped add, and honestly tell me what you think. Just keep trying. Sorry for the long text.

Cristiano Pereira Alves at 19:49 CET on 24-Jan-2005 [Reply]


I like the look of the snow in the lower left hand part. However, I do agree about the street lamp, which draws the eye. Cropping it out but retaining most of the distant lamps would lift this picture a lot. You could try rotating the shot ever so slightly to bring the verticals vertical. I am not over keen on the cables so unless you are good at cloning in PS or PSP there it is probably best to leave them in.

Dave Bennett at 21:09 CET on 24-Jan-2005 [Reply]


Damn it Herb, I like it. We just went through the blizzard conditions 3 days ago but I found it nicer sitting on my butt in the warm house and watching out the window. Kick my same butt now for not being out in it taking some pics...Dave

Dave Hamlin at 18:28 CET on 25-Jan-2005 [Reply]


Thanks Dave. The Photo may not look like it but I hardly could set the Camera up. That's how strong the wind was. I could ony take 3 pics and then the lens "snowed in".

Herbert Eisengruber at 19:04 CET on 25-Jan-2005 [Reply]


Love this photo, cant stop looking at it

john cox at 01:22 CEST on 04-May-2005 [Reply]


I find that this picture tells very well the situation. If there are cables why to take them away? If there is a light why to crop it? Perhaps the technical quality is not the best, but the important is that the picture must say something and I found it actually do.

Piero Magnani at 21:15 CEST on 29-Jun-2005 [Reply]