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Ricardo Rico 24-Dec-2006

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Macro setup for 5060 and 7070 WZ

This is my setup for macroshots: 1. Adapter tube for 5060WZ/7070WZ (Soligor, Raynox, Kenko etc.) 2. Macro coupling ring (or macro coupling reverse ring), in this case with two 52 mm male threads. It is possible find 49-52 mm rings (the olympus 50 mm has a 49 mm female thread. 3. Steeping ring 52/49 mm (52 male/49 male) 4. 50 mm lens (OM). You also can use 35 mm or 28mm lens, they wige you more magnification but more vignetting 5. Raynox Macro lens 4 and 2 X 6. Stepping ring 7. The most "expensive" accessory, my flash difusor, the cover of the Chantilly cream can. 8. Flash Fl-20. sometime I used the wire-extender FLB05

Ricardo Rico
11-Dec-2005 21:13 CET
Winter landscape correct Ricardo Rico
11-Dec-2005 21:13 CET

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