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Patrick Timlin

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Nickname: Patrick Timlin

Long time Olympus user. Started in the 80's with point & shoot 35mm film camera. Then the D-220L was my first digital (640x480 max size, no zoom). Upgraded to the C-2020Z which I loved and still have but eventually the 3x optical zoom was what prompted me to upgrade. The C-770UZ was my next one and the last of the great C-7xx line of ultra-zooms. This is when I discovered external flashes when I got a used FL-40 for a good price. And now, almost eleven years since I first started with the D-220L digital, I have upgraded to my first dSLR, the Olympus E-520.

Location: United States
Created: 23-Dec-2008
Last Login: 05-Oct-2015 04:18 CEST
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