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Sahan J

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self-portrait of Sahan J
Nickname: Sahan J

Hi Everybody!

I am adding to this website pictures that I take with my Olympus 8080. These will basically be my first attempts at proper photography. Hopefully, in time to come, there will be a noticable improvement in the quality of my photos and the way I edit/improve them on the computer.

The pictures I edit will not have other super imposed backgrounds. Basically, I will treat them as photographs with adjustments made only to basic elements such as hue, saturation, sharpness, colour curves. Some airbrushing and blurring will also be used where it is needed.

Please PLEASE please feel free to email me with your suggestions and comments. If something looks REALLY good, let me know. That way I know that I am on the correct path.

Looking forward to adding my photographs.. AND seeing what you guys have done as well.

Many Thanks, Sahan J Perth, Western Australia (Member since Jan, 2005)

Location: Australia
Created: 08-Jan-2005
Last Login: 21-Sep-2005 14:27 CEST
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