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Hans Gerlich Young Life H Gerlich 24-May-2009
Bob Fordice Young Masai over the Ngorongoro Crater

Masai shepherd standing watch on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. I was under escort of an armed Tanzanian park ranger on a crater rim walking safari.

RDF 31-Aug-2012
Fonzy - Young Moorhen This young Moorhen is trying to keep his feathers dry and is walking over the waterplants .. My Birds 2006 22-Jun-2006
Fonzy - Young Moorhen (2) My Birds 2006 22-Jun-2006
Hans Gerlich Young Red Admiral H Gerlich 25-Aug-2007
Victor Biefnot Young spring leaves of a lime tree

A macro photo.

Others 13-Apr-2010
Fonzy - Young Thrush Found this young Thrush in the garden, abandon from parents....
The parents didn't show up anymore and after an hour watching her (hoping to see the parent) I took her inside the house very small , wet and shivering.
We bought a little spout and some dried insects and hand feed the bird. Now we have her for ten day's and she is doing very well, eating worms and insects...and flying around in the living room .
We hope to set her free again when she is able to find food on her own....
The bird was sitting on a chair so I cloned that out to give it a more natural look..
My Birds 2006 27-May-2006
Fonzy - Young Thrush (2) After taking care off this bird for about 4 weeks , hand feeding it , it grow up to a little self supporting bird...
This picture is taken when she returned after we had set her free...
My Birds 2006 04-Jun-2006
Fonzy - Young Thrush (3)

After 5 day's outside she is stilll doing OK, last night when the sun was setting she came for some extra food. She is doing this from day one, 5-6 times a day she comes to the house and wait untill she get some worms, when the evening comes she shows up for the last time. We are trying to give her each time a little bit less extra food, because she needs to find her own . By the size of her she is eating an off I guess..

My Birds 2006 08-Jun-2006
Jozsef nemeth young turtle-dove nemjo 23-Jul-2005