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Kim Willer A cold morning.. Kim's photo 10-Sep-2006
Fonzy - A cool bad in Summer

Summer is here and it is very hot, I spotted this Duck taking a cool bad...

My Birds 2005 13-Jul-2005
Samuel Orutsa a couple Los Angeles 02-Jun-2007
Bill Hanks A Cropedhopper Bill Hanks 25-Jun-2005
Christopher Ashworth A crying shame!

We often would go to the park by our home. Some intelligent fellow thought we no longer needed the history of our town. It was a willow tree at least 100 years old.

Common area 08-Jul-2005
Tom Barry A Daisy Liked the Rain

Daisy wet with rain

Flowers_1 02-Jun-2013
Pekka Nihtinen A Day at Helsinki Zoo 1

Shot trough a thick glass.

Common area 29-Jun-2008
Pekka Nihtinen A Day at Helsinki Zoo 2

Shot through thick glass. It was difficult to find a clean area in glass because it was mostly covered with childrenīs fingerprints.

Common area 29-Jun-2008
Pekka Nihtinen A Day at Helsinki Zoo 3

This young owl was a difficult tocase to shoot since there was a thick net between me and and the subject. Photo turned out quite well but there is some softness due to net.

Common area 29-Jun-2008
Cassius Klay A day at the beach 1956 or 2010? Cassius natuurfoto's 07-Nov-2010