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Ricardo Rico A flower for you !!!

I want to express my deeply gratitude to all the people of my olympus. One year ago I decided to participate in this wonderful community. Thanks to all of you, I have learned a lot and improved my photographic skills. I say you are a wonderful community because your comments are made with kindness and goodwill, and this is something not so usual in the photographical world, maybe because all of us feel like amateurs in spite of the diferent levels of experience of every one. I made this picture for my partner and my family, but I felt I could share it with all of you. Happy holidays!!. Many thanks.


PS. Metta is a word in Pali language (ancient language from India), the meaning is true LOVE without any kind of selfish contamination. This is an usual word in the Buddhist world.

Ricardo R. Rico 24-Dec-2006
Fonzy - A foggy morning

This morning was realy bad, lots of fog....the view was terrible.

My-Travel 04-Mar-2006
Robert Melnyk A Forest Pond

Everything in this image is growing in or on the pond..

Bob M's 21-Jul-2007
Robert Melnyk A Forest Pond (2)

Everything in this image is growing in or on the pond.

Bob M's 21-Jul-2007
Robert Melnyk A Forest Pond (3)

Reflecting clouds...

Bob M's 21-Jul-2007
Paul Yeoman A Friendly Finch

Resting at the gateway to Glenn Lion, we were joined by one of the locals. I was sitting about 10 feet away with a bigger lens than I normally use for close ups (18-50mm). Result

The Beauty that is Scotland 17-Feb-2011
Kerland Elder A Friendly game of Chess

These two guy's were testing each other's mental capacity in a game of chess in the shade of tree's at Bryant Park Manhattan NY.

Miscellanious Images 27-Feb-2011
Sergey Green a Game of Chess sngreen 08-Aug-2005
Ricard Bergstr?m A gem (2)

Here?s a closeup...

My people.. 26-Sep-2004
Ricard Bergstr?m A gem...

A radiant young lady..

My people.. 25-Sep-2004