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Lee W A Loner

A mutated tulip in fields at Skagit Valley.

Lee's Collections 28-Apr-2008
Allan Cich A Look

More of my work can be found here: Subtle Shades Photography LLC,, Facebook: Subtle shades photography, Model Mayhem:, DeviantArt:, Eleven 3 Connections:

On-Location 24-Jul-2011
Dave Hamlin A Lot Of Pies

A fall display on a Hotel Lawn in Kennebunkport, Maine...9/27/08

0- Maine, USA by Dave Hamlin 29-Sep-2008
Ricard Bergstr?m A lucky frog

This guy just leap onto the road in front of the car...Had to take a few shots!

Ricards Macrophotos 26-Sep-2004
Bruce Thomas A magenta Start... Bruce Thomas 04-Nov-2016
Bijan Falsafi a male Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush (Monticola Saxitilis)

Shot on May 6th 2010 at mountains north of Tehran. Quite amazing harmony between chest feathers color and Lichen on rock!

Animals 08-May-2010
Heinz Brenner A market's beauty

The first weekend-photoshooting with my new C-7070 in London.

Heinz Brenner 03-May-2005
Jens Birch A Meadow Daisy Close Up A Meadow daisy (Bellis perennis) in another of my recent flower-macro experiments.

1.6:1 magnification using an OM-Zuiko 35/2.8 with a Vivitar Macro-focusing Teleconverter at aperture f/8.

Cheers, Jens.
Jens' Macro 14-Jun-2006
Randall Beaudin A Mean Feller RanD'Art 06-Aug-2005
Nestor Santiago A Meeting of Animals?

What a chance there was. I was actually interested in the sunset as my new E-300 was on a test. The shape of the clouds made me looked twice. I took several shots in JPEG format. Aren't they busy?

NeSPhil 08-Dec-2005